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Yes Oui Si is an art and education collective dedicated to encouraging, inspiring and implementing positive change in the world.



Local Independent Sustainable Gifts Project

We put together a little tri-fold pamphelet listing some good places to pick up some holiday gifts. A pdf is available here.

The map that goes with it is here

Save the gloo factory

The Gloo Factory has been an immeasurably profound influence on the political and social landscape of Tucson and the world at large. Functioning as an alternative media outlet, since before the term was coined, the Gloo Factory has been providing a voice for progressive and radical groups by providing bumper stickers, buttons and old fashioned offset printing services to anyone making the world a better place


Tucson Really Really Free Market

As opposed to the “free market” where everything is for sale, the Really Really Free Market is a marketplace where everything is really free. Really. People bring food, clothes, furniture, tarot readings, classes, puppet shows, hair cutting supplies, massage chairs and all sorts of skills, crafts, arts and goods and everything is FREE. We are hoping to get the RRFM back on a monthly schedule (perhaps on the third Saturday of every month at Reid park ) by march.

GOV Watch

Starting in Tucson Arizona with the hope and potential to spread all over the world, GOV watch is a decentralized network of citizens concerned about the lack of accountability in our government. They work to document all of the local officials, particularly law enforcement, judicial, and regulatory. They want to create an open and transparent, non-partisan searchable database of every cop and every complaint or compliment the community has filed.

Community Legal Self Defense

We are trying to coordinate an adaptation of the Midnight Special Law Collective basic legal training for the artist, activist and alternative lifestyle communities in Tucson. Email legal(at) to sign up for training.



If you would like to get involved in any of these projects, you can get more information on the project page. If the page doesn't exist yet, or if you have other questions you can email us: info (at)